Your Options For Getting A Dog

So you've decided that you want to add a dog to your family, thats great news and we are very happy for this!

Like in most countries, you may be considering purchasing a dog from a shop, breeder or privately and this is your choice. If you are however interested in rescuing a dog, this is helping not only your local community, but also saving the life of a poor dog that in Kuwait has to suffer the harsh mistreatment of people, exposure to crazy weather conditions, and not to mention nutritional and health issues it has to contend with.

If you rescue a dog from the street, we encourage this entirely, Kuwaiti stray dogs are very loving animals and once you provide an environment of safety and support, they will be very rewarding pets. It is advisable that you take this stray dog to a vet and have all the vaccinations conducted to ensure it is healthy and does not pose a risk to you and your family. The average VET bill for these vaccinations and check-up's can be anywhere between 100 - 200+ KD depending on the size of dog and the vet clinic you go to.

As a charity (which means we are a non-profit organisation) we are doing this process for you, maximising our efforts to reduce this cost by providing it on mass (we have vaccinated, microchipped and treated thousands of dogs in the past years). This means we not only provide healthy, vaccinated and microchipped dogs with passports, but we also have the opportunity of rehabilitating them sometimes for months or years before they go to your home, so can tell you more precisely about the dogs character and pre-dispositions.   

To do this service however it is not without cost on us, we also have to rent a facility (our shelter), buy the medicine, hire staff, training, food, and much more. This is why we charge an adoption fee. It's important to understand your adoption fee (non-refundable) is not necessarily for the costs of your dog, this fee is so we are able to help the next round of dogs. This means, your adoption fee is not only the most economical way to adopt a healthy dog, but it is also allowing us to rescue more dogs from the street and other places.

So to summarise, your 3 main options for getting a dog are:

Our Adoption Fee Structure:

If you want to adopt a dog please check out our instagram account to see available dogs and whatsapp 69983197

Category A is for mixed dogs medium and big size of any age. Puppy's that will grow to be medium or big sized dogs are also in this category. Please discuss if unclear with shelter. 

Category B is for small size dogs (pure breed and mixed). Also for all pure breed dogs of any size and some special other dogs. Please discuss if unclear with shelter. 

If you'd like to educate yourself on the cost of dogs and the advantages of taking from a shelter, please read here:

Our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire:

If you are contacting us by whatsapp about a dog adoption, please note we will need the following information before we can reply to you and consider your request;

1) Your name and age, are you over 21 years old?

2) Nationality and why do you want to adopt a dog?

3) Have you had a dog before? Or do you currently have a dog already?

4) Where will the adopted dog live? In a House? Farm? Apartment? Also please specify which area in Kuwait. And if the dog will live in your home free or in a cage.

5) Have you spoken with your family members/people you live with about adopting a dog? And if you rent, have you asked permission yet from the landlord/harris?

Once we have this information we can discuss the dog adoption process and find the best dog to fit your needs.

Thank you for your support.

❗️If you set an appointment to come and meet the preselected dog/dogs, but you can not come, then please inform us as fast as possible so we not invest 2-hours of grooming time and so we can give the appointment to another person and the dog can move on to another home. ❗️

Terms & Conditions for Adoption:

To adopt a dog from us, we must make a copy of your Civil Id. You will also be asked to sign an adoption from which contains the following conditions;
  • By signing the agreement, I acknowledge that I am taking full responsibility for this dog and its actions.
  • I promise, along with my family members, to take good care of our new dog and to treat the dog with love & respect, providing sufficient food and water always.
  • I hereby acknowledge that dogs are not toys, they are living animals which may bark, bite, cry and will need to make toilet, just like any living being. All dogs can be taught how to behave, but this takes time and patience.
  • I understand that dogs are living animals, prone and subject to sickness and disease and will treat them accordingly if something happens.
  • I agree to always take my dog out with a collar & leash. We advise leaving on their collar even when at home and putting your telephone number on his collar in case he gets lost.
  • I promise to have taken full permission to have this dog in my house/flat in Kuwait and have consulted with my landlord, neighbours, parents, housemates, building haris, etc.
  • I promise to keep in touch with AASP to update them on the progress of the dog.
  • If for whatever reason I have to stop caring for the dog, I promise to follow the new Animal Rights Law of 2017 and I will not throw the dog on the street. Under certain circumstances AASP may be able to take the dog back at the shelter, which is subject to the normal surrender procedures and costs. If AASP accepts for you to return the dog, you are fully responsibly for returning the dog to the shelter in Kabd with the vaccination book. If the book is missing, an extra fee of 25 KWD has to be paid to replace it.
  • I acknowledge that bloodsuckers are a very common parasite in Kuwait, especially in desert areas like Kabd. I hereby acknowledge such bloodsuckers may be on the dog and promise to deal with this appropriately if needed with treatments like Frontline, which can be purchased from any pet shop or directly from the shelter.