If you want to adopt a dog please check out our instagram account to see available dogs and whatsapp 69983197

Category A is for mixed dogs medium and big size of any age. Puppy's that will grow to be medium or big sized dogs are also in this category. Please discuss if unclear with shelter. 
❗️Adoption fee is necessary to keep the shelter running❗️

Category B is for small size dogs (pure breed and mixed). Also for all pure breed dogs of any size and some special other dogs. Please discuss if unclear with shelter. 
 ❗️Adoption fee is necessary to keep the shelter running ❗️

We are a charity, which means we are a non-profit organization. When taking a dog you have two options, buying it new from a breeder/shop or taking a rescue dog. We specialize in the former by rescuing dogs from the street or from homes that kick them out. Although we are a charity, we still have to pay for dog food, medicines, rent, staff salaries, the bills are really endless. Therefore the only way to keep on doing our charity work is to charge an adoption fee and also we rely on donations and support from the community. The fee is nothing compared to the cost of a dog and the money we invest in taking care of them and making them ready for their new owners.

If you'd like to educate yourself on the cost of dogs and the advantages of taking from a shelter, please read here:

If you are contacting us by whatsapp about a dog adoption, please note we will need the following information before we can reply to you and consider your request;

1) Your name and age, are you over 21 years old?

2) Nationality and why do you want to adopt a dog?

3) Have you had a dog before? Or do you currently have a dog already?

4) Where will the adopted dog live? In a House? Farm? Apartment? Also please specify which area in Kuwait. And if the dog will live in your home free or in a cage.

5) Have you spoken with your family members/people you live with about adopting a dog? And if you rent; have you asked permission yet from the landlord/harris?

Once we have this information we can discuss the dog adoption process and find the best dog to fit your needs.

Thank you for your support.

 ❗️If you set an appointment to come and meet the preselected dog/dogs, but you can not come, than please inform as as fast as possible so we not invest 2 hour grooming time and so we can give the appointment to another person and the dog can move on to another home. ❗️