Frequently Asked Questions

▪️What food is the dog used to eating at the shelter?

We feed a mix of boiled rice with dry food. The rice we boil with some minced mutton or chicken (no chicken \ lamb bones). Beef bones you can boil with it. If the food is ready boiled and in the bowl (add a teaspoon of salmon oil on it once a day).

▪️How often should I feed my dog?

Puppy's need to eat depends of age 3 to 4 times. Adult dogs need feeding 2 times a day. Water for 24 hours.

▪️How do I train my puppy/dog to go toilet outside? 

For the first few days and weeks try to go as often out with your dog. Soon you will get a feeling for the needs and timings he\she needs to go. 

▪️How do I train my puppy/dog to use fake grass toilets?

Place the fake gras toilet not to fare (same room) from the sleeping place of your dog. If needed use puppy aid spray until the dog starts using the toilet. When you see your dog using the toilet tell her\him "good girl" or "good boy".

▪️Can I get my adoption fee back?

No: as explained and from you signed at the adoption form it's not possible for no reason.

▪️What is all needed (items) when I bring my puppy/dog first home? 

Collar (harness), leash, toy, chew bone, dog food (salmon oil), dog bed (blanket), dog shampoo, brush, (if you not planing on using grooming shops. 

▪️What to do if I find a tick on my dog?

We recommend to get a frontline applied at the shelter before taking your dog home. If you still find a tick dead or still alive just remove the tick and flash at the toilet. No worries with the applied frontline no tick will reproduce.

If your question still remains unanswered.

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