Adopt A Street Princess

Dog Shelter in Kuwait

Adopt A Street Princess is a private non-profit organisation that started in 2014, after seeing a huge problem with abandoned dogs in Kuwait. Our mission is simple, to save as many dogs as we physically and financially can by rescuing, sheltering, providing medical care, socialising and re-homing to loving and caring forever family homes.

It's been a tough and long journey but we are proud to have saved thousands of dog's lives by matching them with loving homes all over Kuwait, Germany, USA and many more countries. We also built from the ground up a sheltering facility in the desert with a 100+ dog capacity.

Our organisation relies very heavily on donations and the support of the local community to survive, any small contribution can help this worthy cause, regardless of how small it is.  Please always consider us for any furniture, food, toys, dog accessories, vet services or money donations you are able to give, it all adds up and helps us to keep providing our service for the dogs.


At Adopt A Street Princess, we provide a community service by sheltering Kuwait dogs and giving them a temporary home, before finding the right match to adopt them and move them to their new, permanent homes.

We foster, shelter, nurture, feed, neuter/spay, provide medical care and vaccinations, socialise and help abandoned dogs in Kuwait in every possible way. Our goal is to find the perfect match for these dogs where they can live happily in nice and loving homes.


We do not just give dogs away to people, we have to make sure that the person and dog match, and that the dog will be having a nice life. We follow up with people after adoption, provide help and support and give advice when needed.

We have had thousands of success stories, let yours be the next one.

Already have a dog, or can't adopt a dog?

Please consider donating money, furniture, dog food, or any other form of support to keep this non-profitable shelter providing this great community service in Kuwait.

For adoption or donation enquiries, please check our Instagram account in the link below, or contact us on mobile/whatsapp at +96569983197.


AASP maintains a wonderful facility, purpose built for the dogs. This ensures the comfort and wellbeing of all dogs, taking utmost care of them and giving them a safe, fun and clean environment. Kuwait rescued dogs are regularly checked by a professional vet, vaccinated, tagged and registered with a microchip, issued a passport with full details and vaccination records, neutered/spayed and regularly groomed. They are fed quality food according to their needs, and are checked against allergies and other medical conditions.

Rescue dogs are not offered for adoption until they are deemed ready. Aggressive or unsocialised dogs receive proper care and training until they become adoptable. AASP would assess a person's need, circumstances and dog's future living conditions, as well as the dog's behaviour, before deciding the right fit for adoption.

AASP also provides advice and help after the adoption. We give proper support to overcome those challenging first few weeks and continue their support as long as is required. We answer any queries or questions through whatsapp text and voice messages, and in case things do not work out, the dog can be returned to the shelter.