Pet Ambulance Project

As one of the largest and longest running dog rescue, sheltering and adoption centres in Kuwait, we would like to expand our role in the community to provide full veterinary emergency services for animals in Kuwait, principally for dogs and later with cats also.

As a pet owner, there is nothing worse than when your beloved pet falls ill or -touch wood- gets into an accident. Our proposal is to establish not only the first fully mobile Veterinary Emergency Ambulance service in Kuwait, but also to offer these services during night hours, to fill a gap in the market for evening emergencies.

The fully equipped pet ambulance would have an oxygen system, blood pressure, electrocardiography monitoring, defibrillator and other medical supplies, along with a veterinarian and driver / assistant.

What are the benefits?

With limited veterinary hospitals and clinics in the country and a boom in pet ownership over recent years, there is a greater need for more vet services than ever before in Kuwait. Currently most vet hospitals and clinics close by 6pm with limited appointment slots, and only one offering services until 10pm.

Our pet ambulance can help owners if their pet has an emergency at home, or if they are unable to transport their pet, in addition to providing a regular at home vet service.

Our initial services will be;

Emergency Services: On location care and treatment where possible. Transportation for critically ill or injured pets to clinics.

General Services: Services will also available for non-emergency cases, such as home check-ups and vaccinations, spaying / neutering, and non-emergency treatments.

If you are interested in investing in this great project or would simply like to donate, please get in touch with us today for more information.