Special NEEDS Dog‘s

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Granny is a 15 year old doggy who is nearly blind and deaf. She need special food and medical treatment. She need special care regarding her exersise and handling. Granny is in a ‚special care‘ boarding. Her monthly boarding and care is 200 kd. Her special food and medication are 50 kd per month. 

Kiki is 7 years. She went through 2 strokes. Her front hand is handicapped from the stroke. She is limping. She need special care with her food and daily movements/exersise. She is under medical treatment but still epelepsy episodes can come up at any given time. Kiki need to move into a ‚special care‘ boarding as soon as possible. 200 kd monthly needed for boarding and care. Medication and special food needed 25 kd monthly.