Returning an adopted dog

If you adopted a dog from us and you want to return him/her before the one month exchange/return time is finished you can always do that, with a guarantee of us accepting the dog. Please always inform us before coming and set a date and exact time to return the dog so that the shelter will be informed and the space is ready for your dog’s arrival. 

Please keep in mind that as stated in our adoption agreement there is no return/refund of the adoption fee. Even if the dog is returned on the same day or next day after adoption day. Everything is explained and clearly stated in the adoption agreement which you will have accepted and signed with your Civil ID card copy.

❗️No exemption can be made for any reason, such as allergies, neighbours, landlords, behaviour of dog…

If you adopted a dog from us, and you want to return that dog to the shelter and the 1 month dog exchange or returning time is over (date on adoption form), you can still return the dog to the shelter, however you must follow the procedures as mentioned on the Surrender page.