Helping Out

We started this because we believe in the cause! We have seen dozens of beautiful stray dogs that have been neglected, abused or cruelly put down simply because there is no one to take care of them. The harsh weather conditions in Kuwait just make it that much harder for dogs to live here.

Together, we can make a difference, a contribution of any kind will make a difference.

Here are some ways in which you can help:

Donate money to help covering running costs: any little donation helps

Donate money to help repair electricity setup at AASP Shelter

Adopt A Street Princess Shelter has been build up from scratch with 50-cage kennels and several different areas for playing, grooming, feeding and staff.

Over the years as the shelter has grown we have had to add more electricity distributors and have added 4 electricity boxes that distribute the electricity around the shelter. Sadly we have reached a point that this is not enough and its also not working well, primarily due to overload with the addition of more machines, but also due to the harsh environment of the Kuwaiti desert and small rodents like mice that have been eating inside the boxes and the cables.

Electricity is essential to run our shelter, and supply the AC's , mist fans, lights, cooking, vaccination fridge, food freezer, mosquito killers and so on. 

We have had different electricians at the shelter to check and to give us advice what to do. All say the same, with our consumption we have to upgrade the whole electricity box system and use stronger and larger cable lines.

We are looking for sponsorship to carry out this major and important update to our dog shelter. Every day it can melt or spark in any of the connections and burn the shelter down. We have already placed smoke detectors, fire alarms and also fire extinguishers there but the danger still exists. Please help us to make this improvement happen so that all dogs are safe again. Thanks for your care!

Donate Food: Rice, canned food, dry food; any brand and quantities help.

We have a collection point in the city: Jabriya, Block 12, street 6, house 9 (please whatsapp 69983197 for google location and to arrange day and time) Thanks for your care!

Show support: Like, follow, share and support us on social medias please.

  • Volunteer: help out our staff, drive dogs to vets / grooming and back, the possibilities are endless, contact us now to know how you can help.