Dog Catching Service

Due to increasing demand, we have created a service for private companies and government entities in Kuwait called Dog Catch & Re-Home, beneficial for construction sites, oil fields and large premises that have an issue with stray dogs on their premises. We will carry out this service in a humane and caring way that does not injure the dogs, giving them the best possible chance at a new life, either in Kuwait or abroad. Our services are divided into 4 key elements;

Step 1. Consultation and Site Assessment

- Involves a site visit and client consultation meeting to establish issues and possible dog control solutions

Step 2. Catching the Dogs

- Dog Catching Staff (quantity and visits per week to be determined based on site)

- Humane Dog Trap Cages

Step 3. Transportation

- Collection of trapped dogs from site

Step 4. Treatment & Re-Homing

- Dog Vaccinations & basic treatment (includes injections, deworming, parasite treatment, microchipping)

- Sheltering the dog and finding a new home.

After client consultation and a site assessment, a quotation can be prepared for this service.

Special Dog Catching Service

We only use humane traps

All traps deployed are monitored daily